Popov won’t start in the Moto3 category of the World Championship


Fotografie k novince Popov won’t start in the Moto3 category of the World Championship
Unfortunately, a motorcycle racer Miroslav Popov, will definitely not compete in the lowest category Moto3 of this year's world championship. Although the Italian Phonica Racing team was very interested in the young Czech racer and Popov had already been listed in the championship for the season, his team failed to provide the necessary funding. "I'm so sorry. I felt that I was really close. The team wanted me. Unfortunately, this sport does not have sufficient support in this country, " 16 year-old Popov commented the unfavourable news.

The information that the premiere season in the World Championship may be compromised came out first about a month ago. That was when Miroslav Popov’s main sponsor decided to leave. "We were told two weeks before the first test in Valencia. Since then, the team almost did not sleep and tried to get the required amount of money. Unfortunately, it was impossible with such a short notice " Miroslav Popov Sr., the father of the talented motorcyclists, describes the situation in the last couple of days.

While the Italian team were trying to reduce their demands, it was still too much for any of the existing partners to cover. "Anyway, we aren’t giving up. Míra is likely to return to the Italian and Spanish Championships again and will try to get a few wild cards for the World Championship races. He will still be in sight and will fight hard to get to the top next year," says the racer´s father with his typical determination.

Even Miroslav Popov Jr. has not lost his motivation to race at 16. "If I can do it and will get the wild cards, I’ll do my best in one of the World Championship races. This year, there was a team interested in me so I believe that when I’m even more experienced, I could get another chance, "says a young motorcyclist, who established quite a decent reputation in the last season.

Popov started in the Italian and Spanish championships and introduced himself in the three world championship races. He dazzled especially at Misano, where he came sixth in the qualifying round, and eventually came thirteenth in the race which meant his first three points. He also raced in Brno and Mugello.