Albacete CE 1.11.2009


Míra set off slightly concerned about his uncured left little finger for his final race of the European Championship, which was held in Albacente on the 1st November 2009. His attending physician was not very pleased by need of taking down the gypsum plaster earlier. He informed us about all the problems and complications, which could arise, when falling on the hand, so we were not very optimistic. Nevertheless all was organized and prepared, the only thing we could do was to try and hope for luck, if Míra falls down.

When we arrived to Albacente the weather was great, the temperature around 30 degrees. This weather lasted all the weekend. The trainings on Friday run quite well, Míra was getting better by every ridden lap. In the fifth curve in the first free training Míra fell down, which I feared a lot. “I got out of the track and I went on the front immediately”. Fortunately everything ended all right and Míra sleighed on bottom. On Saturday in the first measured training among the 32 racers finished Míra on the 6th place with a 1,5s blackout time to the first. This result was not bad, even though he wanted to get a better result in the second training. He agreed with technicians from Ohlins to change the rear shock absorber. Before they managed to set it well it was the end of the second qualification and Míra remained with the 13th position with 1,3s loss, but with a confidence into his rear wheel. The total position was 8th place in second row in the starting grid. Míra´s goal for the Sunday´s training was not to fall into the cowlick and focus on the setting of the rear shock absorber, this showed out as a good decision, so Míra was entering the race more calm and confident. The start of the race did not go well and Míra was in the first half of the race in the group from 3rd to 10th position. A mistake came and Míra got a very big high side in the 5th curve,despite the fact that he managed it, he got behind the group. The “kick” was so big, that Míra´s ventail got open. This caused a blackout time which he was trying to reduce. Finally after some very nice changes Míra got the 7th position as well as got down the times compared to the qualification. He was running out of his power because of the pain in his hand. We were satisfied with his final best time: 1:35:402 s. Míra was the youngest racer in the Albacente. One of the officials of UEM federation came to the box and congratulated him. It was his fifth time on motorcycle 125GP and he performed so well. He was fighting with more experienced racers(even some of them started in the world championships) in the group from 3rd to 10th place. He gave the evident signal to his rivals, that they have to bear him in mind.